Making Room at the Table for ALL POLITICAL PARTIES

A multi-party democracy would be more representative and less polarizing than the 2-party system we now have in place. How can we fix a system that's depriving voters of choices and limiting political discourse?

It's not enough to make voting more accessible (though that's a start), Connecticut's voters deserve to have real choices on the ballot. Lessening the burden of in-person petitioning would allow greater representation and reduce wasted time and resources. Even with more candidates on the ballot, the "spoiler" effect can be eliminated by utilizing Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), a system which allows voters to rank as many (or few) candidates in order of preference. Lowest polling candidates are eliminated, one at a time, until the winner has received majority support by the voters.

With RCV, voters don't have to choose the "lesser of two evils," there are no wasted votes, and candidates are motivated to build a broad coalition of voters. A bonus of RCV: campaigns tend to be more civil and isssue oriented, because candidates don't want to miss out on being the 2nd choice of their competitors' supporters.

Learn more about Ranked Choice Voting here.